I have this obsession with photo detail and quality. Every photo I open, I want to zoom in on them and examine all of the little pixels.

I am constantly seeking ways to produce my own high quality results. What better way to increase photo detail then to stitch multiple shots together into a Panorama!

This has been my new thing lately, creating super detailed panoramas that have what I would call “Progressive Disclosure”. That is where details in the image become more apparent the closer you look as if more of the photo is being revealed to you.

The Trade Show Display company I work with, ExpoDepot.com, has been hanging these giant 40 ft tall graphics on the Sony Manhattan Flagship store on Madison Ave. So whenever they go up, I get an opportunity to go photo the building and have a record of our project.

I definitely feel as though I have improved my panorama skills since then.

Soon I’ll explain how I make the panoramas, what software I use, and what my techniques are out in the field.