During my visit to Puerto Rico, I had noticed pelicans flying overhead. Sometimes in pairs. For the first half of my trip I would quickly shoot from the hip and snap off a few mediocre shots as they flew by.
Towards the end of the trip, a few friends in the group decided to visit Crash Boat Beach. There we met a retired dog trainer who made it his hobby to come down to Crash Boat and actually train real wild birds.
Among the birds were these pelicans pictured in this blog. He would whistle when he saw them near. The birds must have associated the whistling with food. So they would fly near him and waddle around as he fed them snacks.
Didn’t take long for us to make friends with this man. He seemed to really enjoy bringing the birds so close that my friend Cristian could get some excellent close up wide angle shots.
To return the favor, we traded contact information so that both Cristian and I can share our photos with him.
As promised, I had sent the gallery to him to share what he helped me create. No response as of yet. Hopefully on another PR trip, we will cross paths with him again.