During my visit in Puerto Rico, I took a local’s advice and made my way down south to check out Playa Sucia of Cabo Rojo. Prior to going, I searched for it on Google. I discovered that I would also find the Los Morrillos Lighthouse.

Before I even saw the light house, I knew it would be gorgeous from the cheesy tourist photos I had found on Google. I knew I had to go and get photos of my own.

It was a rough road on the way into Playa Sucia. Made my girlfriend and I somewhat nervous about taking the strangers advice. Though it was a beautiful sight once we got close enough to the beach and could see the lighthouse.

After a short stay at the beach, it seemed the clouds were rolling in. So we packed up our stuff and started hiking towards the lighthouse. At this point I knew I wanted the shot of the lighthouse during sunset, and I was determined to stay there and get the shot I wanted.

Once we hiked over the hill and passed the lighthouse the stunning cliffs were finally exposed. I literally gasped at the sight. I carefully walked close the edge and looked down 200 ft towards the water. It is something that I highly recommend you see in person to really experience.

During the trip, I made it my project to come home with several multi-photo panoramas to work on. This was new to me, and something I was experimenting with. So here was a great opportunity, except the clouds were dull and flat. It looked as though it would rain any second.

Luckily, with some editing, I was able to make it work and still have an interesting result. Check it out.

Make sure when you do visit, you are cautious where you step. It’s a long ways down, and there is nothing to protect you from falling.

Shortly after taking atleast 100 shots to prepare for a panorama back home, the drizzling started.  So we made our way to the lighthouse, and realized it was actually a museum inside. There wasn’t much to actually look at besides how interesting the space itself was. There were only 2 people in the lighthouse, and they were the bilingual staff. They were there to answer any questions about the lighthouse. Like “Uh, is it bright?”. Not really sure what there was to ask.

While we waited out the rain, I wandered around quietly and took advantage of the interesting space. I did not realize how nice the result would be until I got home and edited my shots. Check them out.